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This line aims small and medium producers. It is compounded by the best selections of cultivars, adapted for all Brazilian regions. This line, as it has higher quantity of seeds, allows serving in a better way the professional producers.


The seeds are hermetically closed in a material made of aluminum, which permits a better preservation and ensures a high degree of vitality.


 Crown Pumpkin 10g
 Exposition Pumpkin 10g
 Big Moon Pumpkin 10g
 Tetsukabuto Kanda Hybrid Pumpkins 1,5g
 AB 02 (Menina Brasileira) Pumpkin 10g
 Jacarezinho (Caiman) Pumpkin 10g
 AB 01 (Menina Brasileira Precoce) Pumpkin 10g
 AB 03 (Pataka Pumpkin) Pumpkin 10g
 Rounded Trunk Pumpkin 10g
 AB 05 (Menina Seca Rajada) Pumpkin 5g
 TE 013 (Mini Paulista) Pumpkin 10g
 TE 014 (Caserta) Pumpkin 10g
 Broad-leaved Chard 10g
 AGR 02 (Ground) Watercress 5g
 AGR 03 (Water Calixto) Watercress 1,5g
 Tall Utah Celery 5g
 4-Season Lettuce 10g
 Atração (Attraction) Lettuce 10g
 White-Boston Lettuce 10g
 Emília Lettuce  10g
 Grand Rapids Lettuce 10g
 Grandes Lagos Lettuce  5g
 Hanson Lettuce 10g
 Mimosa Salad Bowl Lettuce 10g
 Rainha de Maio Manteiga Lettuce  10g 
 Regina Lettuce  10g 
 Vitória (Victory) Lettuce 10g
 Leek 5g
 Catalonha Endive 10g
 Broad-leaved Endive  10g
 Sugarloaf Chicory 10g
 Yellow-leaved Endive (Radiche Todo Ano) 10g
 Red Sugarloaf Endive 10g 
 Spadona Endive 10g 
 Long-Purple Eggplant 5g 
 Embu Eggplant 5g 
 Early Wonder Beet 10g
 Pear-shaped Bay Onion 5g 
 Creole Onion 5g 
 Todo Ano (All-year) Chive 5g 
 Brasília Carrot 10g 
 Flakee Carrot 10g 
 Nantes Carrot 10g 
 Nantes Express Carrot 10g 
 Radicchio 10g 
 Smoothed Endive Chicory 10g 
 Portuguese Coriander 10g 
 Green Coriander 10g 
 Precoce Piracicaba Branchy Broccoli 5g
 Calabraise Broccoli 5g 
 Santana Branchy Broccoli 5g 
 Granat Chinese Cabbage 10g 
 Snowflake Cauliflower 5g 
 4-Season Cauliflower 5g 
 Precoce Piracicaba Cauliflower 5g 
 Giant Teresopolis Cauliflower 5g 
 Manteiga da Georgia Cauliflower 10g 
 White Kohlrabi 5g 
 #40 Pea 10g 
 Purple Flower Snow Pea 10g 
 New Zealand Spinach 8g 
 Tradição Bean (Low yellow)  10g
 Macarrão Alto Bean 10g 
 Noodle Bean (Low) 10g 
 Scarlet Eggplant (Green long) 10g 
 Morro Grande Scarlet Eggplant 10g 
 West Indian Gherkin 10g 
 Charleston Gray Watermelon 10g 
 Congo Watermelon 10g 
 Crimson Sweet Watermelon 10g 
 Jubilee Watermelon 10g 
 TE 015 (Gaúcho) Melon 10g 
 Dominic Melon (rounded - gaúcho) 10g 
 Halles Best Jumbo Melon 5g 
 American RS 20 Popcorn 10g 
 Sweetcorn 10g 
 Yellow Canary Winter Squash 10g 
 South Mineiro Winter Squash 10g 
 Garden Mustard 10g 
 Smoothed Mustard 10g 
 Purple Neck White Turnip 10g 
 Aodai Cucumber 10g 
 Calypso Cucumber 5g 
 White Cucumber 10g 
 Caipira Cucumber 10g 
 Wisconsin Cucumber 10g 
 Cambuci Pepper 5g 
 Long Slim Cayenne Pepper 2g 
 Dedo de moça (Cayenne) Pepper 2,5g 
 Chili 5g 
 All Big Ball Pepper 5g 
 Ikeda Cascadura Ball Pepper 5g 
 Red Ball Pepper 5g 
 Yolo Wonder Ball Pepper 5g 
 Santa Cruz Okra 10g 
 Cometo Radish 10g 
 White long Radish 10g 
 Red long Radish 10g 
 Crimson Giant Radish 10g 
 Flamboyant 4 Radish 10g 
 Sparkler (White tip) Radish 10g 
 Minowase Kohlrabi 10g 
 60-Day Cabbage 10g 
 Garden-flat Cabbage 10g 
 Coração de Boi Cabbage 10g 
 Hybrid Glória Cabbage 1g 
 Red Cabbage 10g 
 Farmed Rucola 10g 
 Broad-leaved Rucola 10g 
 Garden Parsley 5g 
 Portuguese big Parsley 10g 
 Smooth Parsley 10g 
 Santa Clara Tomato 2g 
 Santa Cruz Kada (Paulista) Tomato 5g 
 TOM 01 (Gaúcho) Tomato 5g