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About us

TSV Sementes is a company that focus on the vegetable seed market over a decade. Its headquarter is based in IjuĂ­/RS and the company stands out in Brazil for offering hybrid cultivars and Ops which meet the needs of several market segments.

The vegetable production with quality, demands modern management techniques and the necessity of more efficient supplies, besides the usage of cultivars with high productive potential.

Through programs of genetic improvement and in-house development, TSV provides the market such differential with Tropicalized and Hybrid materials of high potential, given the Brazilian conditions.

The selection of new cultivars have been a constant search and for this, the company has two research stations geographically based in distinct regions - Bozano/RS and Piracicaba/SP - in which new adapted cultivars are tested in several climatic conditions in Brazil.

The company infrastructure along with the high qualification of its technicians allows offering the customers, cultivars with high genetic and physiologic quality. For development and validation of our products in the field, we count on a technical staff of salespeople working in the main horticultural regions in Brazil.

TSV works to transform its efforts in results, so that it can offer cultivars with high quality to the Brazilian market.